Salud LA

Thank you to everyone who shared in the finale of our tour series.

Special cheers to the guests featured above for showing off their wrists and celebrating in yet another unforgettable evening.

Hasta la próxima, On Dobel Time
11 / 17 / 2016


As the finale to a memorable and masterful collaborative program that traveled from New York to Miami, ON DOBEL TIME made its final round onto the wrists and palettes of Los Angeles last night in Culver City.

Held in a wholly immersive room of curious watch collectors and tequila connoisseurs, DOBEL and HODINKEE came together to procure the most refined, best of class embodiments of craftsmanship and premium innovation.

An evening of mastery and distinction, taste and timelessness, and most importantly: delicious tequila.

As the ultimate closing act, the soiree welcomed not one but two expert watchmakers, while DJ Eric D-Lux played his revered sounds overhead.

Guests drank, danced, and learned for themselves that nights are always better… On Dobel Time.

III Maestro Dobel Silver  //  Rolex Date Just Reference 16014

An uncommonly smooth tequila paired with an unparalleled classic. In production since 1945, the Datejust has evolved slightly, maintaining its quintessential charm, and becoming arguably the most iconic Rolex ever made. This particular beauty has a flawless linen-finished dial, intact with beautifully aged lume dots and hands. More than 50 years later, this reference 1601 remains in fantastic condition, boasting its sharp-fluted white-gold bezel and shimmery silvered dial. Made to fit perfectly for any occasion, pairing, or taste profile – much like its Dobel Silver counterpart.

VI Maestro Dobel Humito // 1960s Vetta Triple-Calendar with Chronograph

Both Maestro Dobel and Italian watch producer, Vetta, share an exceptional commitment to craft. The Humito’s unparalleled characteristics and the Triple-Calendar with Chronograph are both perfect embodiments of mastery. At once balancing an inherently Italian triple-calendar function, while boasting a perfectly balanced dial and flared lugs, this timepiece is an exceptional and timeless item—much like the Humito.

IX Maestro Dobel Reposado // 1970s Breitling ‘Sprint’ Reference 2016

A perfect unision of moving objects. From fruit vanilla and almond, to ultralight, waterproof and shockproof, this pair goes unmatched. Boasting an outrageous shade of orange, the playfulness and funkiness of this watch pairs almost perfectly with the Reposado’s highly nuanced and sophisticated offering.

XII Maestro Dobel Añejo // 1960s Piaget Reference 12303

Like the perfectly aged Añejo, the Piaget Ref. 12303 is only getting more elegant with time. Fitted with the thinnest automatic movement ever made at the time of production, this watch also boasts a waterproof case, making it not only beautiful, but quite practical. Similarly the Añejo’s deep complexity of flavor makes for a new tale of distinction and mastry.

Maestro Dobel Diamante // 1960s Patek Philippe Calatrava Reference 3445/ Yellow Gold

Perfection is hard to find, and even harder to let go of. Thus we brought this incredible timepiece back for the closing act.

Marrying efficiency, opulence, innovation, and tradition, the Diamante and the Patek Philippe Calatrava are the perfect match. We inivite to you read more as you review the treasures On Dobel Time brought to Miami.

As rulebreakers and patriarchs of craftsmanship, Maestro Dobel is the ultimate actor in growing the meaning and expectations of Tequila. From unique blends, traditional aging, and perfectly balanced notes, Dobel is the singular definition of innovation.

The world of ON DOBEL TIME has brought these central brand tenets to three iconic markets: New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. However, the dedication to mastery—as embodied by our partners at HODINKEE—goes far and beyond these events.

From our distilleries in Mexico, to a growing digital community of curious minds, ON DOBEL TIME is at once a lens, a world, and a promise to slam conventions, embrace distinction, and master the rules… before we can break them.


From local to global, single to multiple, the dual-time complication facilitates unity.

One revered movement, two displays, countless stories.

Maestro Dobel’s Reposado evokes a similar journey.

Embodying the unison of fruit, vanilla, and almond to create a wholly differentiated product—regardless of preference.

On Dobel Time, the opportunities are endless.

Our tour takes its final round, inviting textures, tastes, time (and tequila) to the city of Los Angeles.

Join us on Thursday, November 17th as we raise our glasses to craft.

We invite you to savor it for yourself with ‘Dual Time El Diablo’:

1.5oz Reposado
1oz Fresh Lemon Juice
.75 oz Agave
Serrano Pepper
Orange bitters

Best of Miami

The world of On Dobel Time continues to take shape as we unveil the best of Miami’s wrists accompanied by some delicious Dobel cocktails.

Cheers to our guests featured above and our friends at HODINKEE for participating in yet another memorable evening.

We look forward to seeing what Los Angeles is wearing & drinking.

9 / 14 / 2016


ON DOBEL TIME brought its unique aesthetic to the wrists and lips of Miami.
Highlighting craftsmanship through iconic timepieces and an on-site watchmaker, the evening ticked away as guests immersed themselves in the world of Dobel and its connection to the art of horology. 
Program partner HODINKEE and Dobel’s Cody Goldstein told revered stories of iconic timepieces through the lens of the craftsmanship and innovation of Dobel variants.
III Maestro Dobel Silver //  Rolex Date Just Reference 1601
As the most iconic Rolex ever made, Reference 1601 exemplifies the quintessential charm and craft of the revered brand. Much like the Dobel Silver, aligning with the premium class that is Dobel’s fundamental principle.
VI Maestro Dobel Humito // Yellow Gold Universal Genève Tri-Compax 
The world’s first smoked silver tequila is accompanied by one of the most durable and collectable vintage watches on the market today. The name, Tri-Compax, refers to the three complications visible on the dial: the moon-phase, chronograph and complete calendar. A modern classic and a well-balanced dial: the perfect synergy to Humito’s unprecedented character.

IX Maestro Dobel Reposado // 1972 Girard-Perregaux Olimpico Reference 9075
Made to celebrate the 1968 Olympics in Munich Germany, this timepiece still remains a stunning representation of complexity and craft. At once balancing convex lume dots, bi-color scales and brightly printed sub registers. In parallel, the Reposado combines light notes of fruit, vanilla and almond creating an esteemed product for those in the know.

XII Maestro Dobel Añejo // 1957 Longines Dress Watch
A true connoissuer’s timepiece, the 1957 Longines is the epitome of the perfect dress watch featuring 14K gold, a silver sunburst dial, black and gold indexes and aged dauphone hands. In tangent with the Añejo as the ultimate collaboration between white oak barrel and European oak reserve.

Maestro Dobel Diamante // 1960s Patek Philippe Calatrava Reference 3445/ Yellow Gold
Innovation, timelessness and rule-breaking are only a few of the characteristics pairing this unique timepiece with the craft embodied by the Dobel Diamante. Marrying efficiency and opulence, the 18K gold watch beholds an automatic movement, with date and tradition. Double filtering a blend of 3 premium tequilas, the renowned character marks the innovation of the Dobel brand.

Overall, the experience conveyed Dobel’s unique juxtaposition between innovation and heritage, as seen through the parallel world of horology—giving guests a unique taste of the world of Maestro Dobel they won’t soon forget.

Now our experience moves West, setting sights on the sun-drenched City Of Angels—familiarizing its culture movers and connoisseurs with the distinctive flavor of On Dobel Time.

Moonlight over Miami

The moon phase complication marks man’s monumenal mastery of tracking and aligning with the lunar cycle.
Originally crafted as a sailor’s guide, the movement doubles as both a traditional and an aesthetic feature—illustrating the moon cycle as it progresses from full, half, quarter and new. 
Dobel’s revered and rule-defying Diamante similarly denotes a remarkable innovation as the world’s first clear, multi-aged tequila.
At once blending Extra-Añejo, Añejo and Reposado Tequila, the liquid is aged in European oak barrels before being double filtered into a crystal clear liquid.
As the new moon prepares to set in, Dobel inaugurates the Moon Phase Margarita: a specially blended cocktail uniquely crafted as On Dobel Time makes its way to Miami on Wednesday, September 14th.
We raise our glasses to innovation. Join us.
2 oz Diamante
.5 oz Agave Syrup
.5 oz Fresh Lime

Best of NYC

The conversation continues as we bring you the very best of the evening’s wrists and drinks.
Don’t miss HODINKEE’s Photo Report for a look into the world of On Dobel Time.

We applaud our guests featured above for showcasing the best of tastes in liquids & timepieces.

We look forward to seeing what Miami is wearing & drinking.

8 / 18 / 2016


ON DOBEL TIME pairs the art of horology with the spirit of innovation and attention to craft that beats at the heart of Maestro Dobel Tequila.

In partnership with iconic horology publication HODINKEE, the launch of the program invited select guests and influencers to taste Dobel’s range of tequilas—presented alongside vintage wristwatches inspired by each variant:

III Maestro Dobel Silver  //  Rolex Date Just Reference 16014 with Linen Dial

The first station compares the Dobel Silver’s versatile double distilled process with the iconic 1945 model. The unique timepiece has evolved slightly, maintaining its quintessential charm and fluted stainless steel bracelet.

VI Maestro Dobel Humito // Yellow Gold Universal Genève Tri-Compax

The world’s first smoked silver tequila is accompanied by one of the most durable and collectable vintage watches on the market today. The name, Tri-Compas, refers to the three complications visible on the dial: the moon-phase, chronograph and complete calendar. A modern classic and a well-balanced dial, the perfect synergy to Humido’s unprecedented character.

IX Maestro Dobel Reposado // 1970S Wittnauer Geneve Professional Chronograph

The ultimate utilitarian luxury of combining notes of fruit and vanilla almond is juxtaposed with a burgundy bezel Wittnauer chronograph. The impressive timepiece is the epitome of vintage craft featuring a large steel case, rotating bezel and cool black dial. The Reposado’s special kick is reminiscent in the timepiece’s lollipop seconds hand.

XII Maestro Dobel Añejo // 1950s Patek Philippe Calatrava Reference 2584

Aged in American white oak and paired with European oak reserve, this timeless classic is paired with the most timeless and elegant of timepieces; a vintage Patek Philippe Calatrava. A true connoisseur’s timepiece, this treasure was one of the very first automatic wristwatches, placing it as a definer of the brand’s values.

Maestro Dobel Diamante // 1960S Vacheron Constantin Chronometre Royal

The pinnacle of innovation, Dobel’s esteemed Diamante is accompanied by an equal counterpart; the decidedly regal and rare Vacheron Constantin. Showcasing white-gold case and silver dial this watch is a testimony to audacity in design, form and function.

DJ Neil Armstrong mixed classic rock staples with genre-bending electronic vibes as guests circulated through an intimate, candle-lit reception accented by eelaborate succulent and agave centerpieces.

The aesthetic of the event conveyed Dobel’s unique juxtaposition between innovation and heritage, set against the backdrop of a circular space mimicking the face of a timepiece.

A horology-inspired photo-booth invited guests to share their inimitable experiences at the event on social media with #OnDobelTime—giving them a unique taste of the world of Maestro Dobel they won’t soon forget.

Until next time—hasta la próxima—in Miami.

Escapement from New York

Furthering innovation. Elevating standards. Defying gravity.

The Tourbillon apparatus has exemplified mastery of craft since 1975.

The whirlwind mechanic combines multiple elements into one elegant movement – the king of all complications.

Similarly, Dobel Humito’s take on the Negroni elevates a set of classical ingredients into something genre-defining.

We raise our glasses to craft. Join us.

Introducing the Smoky Tourbillion Negroni.

Specially blended to inaugurate the ‘On Dobel Time’ event series as it appears in New York City on Thursday, August 18.

2 oz Humito
1 oz Campari
Grapefruit Twist

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